Local History & Genealogy

Local History


  • Uhrichsville was founded in 1804 by Michael Uhrich, the first settler to this area. He was a mill owner and "Uhrich's Mill" is how the town got its name.
  • Uhrichsville was originally called Waterford, but people persisted in calling the area "Uhrich's Mill" so the name was officially changed to Uhrichsville in 1828.
  • On August 13, 1866 Uhrichsville officially became a village.
  • John Milone became the first mayor. Business and industry: during the canal era, wheat buying and shipping was the primary source of income to this area. The clay industry was a strong force in the area until the late 1950's and early 1960's -- there is only 1 plant left in the area.


  • Dennison is located midway between Columbus and Pittsburgh. The railroad company wanted a halfway point to locate their offices and shops.
  • Dennison was incorporated in 1873. It is named after Governor William Dennison.
  • Dennison industry consisted of a flour mill and a coal mine, but it was built and was most famous because it was a railroad town.
  • Dennison is best known for its role during World Wars I and II. During both wars canteens were established to serve the men of the armed forces. the Red Cross ran the World War I canteen, and The Salvation Army was in charge of the World War II canteen.
  • "Servicemen passing through on trains were served free coffee, sandwiches, cigarettes, pop, magazines, gum, cookies and candy twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Dennison became a famous name to servicemen...around the globe. Because of the canteen, Dennison was dubbed, 'Dreamland'." --History of Tuscarawas County, Ohio, 1988

Claymont School District

  • Claymont School District was formed in 1965 by the consolidation of Uhrichsville, Dennison, Union Township and Rush Township schools.
  • Nickname: Mustangs.
  • School colors: Brown and white and orange.
  • There is high school building located on Indian Hill Road in Uhrichsville.
  • There are 4 elementary schools: Eastport Elementary, Trenton Avenue Elementary, and Park Elementary. The Claymont Intermediate and the Claymont Jr. High School.
  • Other schools not affiliated with the Claymont School District include Immaculate Conception; a Catholic school grades K-8, and Rush Christian School.